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My RTMA / RVC Precision Machinist Apprenticeship Journey

I entered the Machinist Trade in January 1995, when I was hired at Advanced Machine & Engineering, Inc. as a CNC Lathe trainee. In June 1995 I took the written examination for the RTMA Apprenticeship at Rock Valley College, passed with flying colors and began my journey through the RTMA Apprenticeship program. Several hundred hours worth of classes, and 8,000 hours worth of on-the-job training later, I graduated from the RTMA Precision Machinist Apprenticeship in June 1998.
See my USDL Journeyman Certification, by selecting the tiny USDL Certificate at left.

Click Here! Learn more about CNC Lathes, and see a photo of me by my favorite CNC machine, a Mazak "Quick Turn" 18 CNC Lathe, by "selecting" the tiny photo at left.

Click Here! Learn about "1998 RTMA / RVC Apprenticeship Graduation Night", by "selecting" the tiny photo at left.

Click Here! Learn more about the specifics of getting into (and through) the RTMA (and USDL) Machinist Apprenticeship programs, more about working in the Machinist Trade, and some of my personal views of the entire situation, in my "Frequently Asked Questions" section, by selecting               the small medallion at left.

Click Here! Read a more detailed version of "My Apprenticeship Story" and see my "RVC Certificate of Competence", by selecting the tiny certificate at left.

Click Here! During my Apprenticeship, I had the opportunity to operate a great many varieties of machines.  "Select" the tiny Hass CNC Mill at see a listing of them.
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