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The Journeyman Precision Machinist
(RTMA & USDL Certified)

Photo of me stationed at my Mazak Quick Turn 18

Here I am stationed at Advanced Machine & Engineering, Inc., with one of my favorite machines.  It's a Mazak Quick Turn 18 CNC Lathe, complete with T-32 Mazatrol Controls, an automatic Bar-feeder and an automatic Parts Catcher.
Not only did this machine have all of the bells and whistles... this baby was FAST!  At full rapid, (1181 inches per minute), the turret (the part of the machine that holds the cutting tools), could rapid traverse from its home position in the back of the machine... up to the chuck and the cutting zone "in the blink of an eye"...(Vrrrr!).  With speeds like that, you had better double check your "Chuck Safety Clearances", your "Z-Zero" setting, and know your CNC program is correct prior to pressing that little green button.


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