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The Triumph of Hope started out as a collection of personal stories of adoption and travel to China, but it is growing to include children from other countries as well.  In these stories you will find insight, emotion, transition and experience.   Some reveal the trials of the 'process', some reveal the trials of travel, all reveal... the triumph of hope.  (Also: a special section featuring the "Children of Huazhou" Guangdong Province).
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The Red Thread Magazine is written, edited and published by and for families who have adopted or are in the process of adopting children from China.
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The Red Thread Magazine's regular departments include: Adoption News, Adoption Journeys, Single Parents, Careers & Money Matters, Songs from the Heart (adoption poetry), The Paper Chase, Children's Corner Pull-Out Section, Parenting, Chinese Culture, Learning Chinese, Your Child's Health, and Resource Directory.
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Our USA Family Web Site has several interesting links to various Chinese and adoption related Web sites, including: Mandarin Chinese Language, personal adoption home pages, Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport, and others.

The Searchable Online Archieve of Recipes, from the University of Berkeley, contains over 63,000 different food receipes from 63 different ethnic cultures, including Chinese recipes.

Links Pages Located Within Our Chenzhou-families Web Site

Chenzhou-families' Adoption Links page highlights the Adoption Agencies used by our family members in the adoptions of their Chenzhou Children.

Chenzhou-families' Chenzhou Links page focuses on the city of Chenzhou and nearby communities in the Hunan Province.

Chenzhou-families' Changsha Facts page features information about tourist attractions around the Changsha area, and links to Web sites relating to Changsha.

Chenzhou-families' Friends of Chenzhou-families features the Web sites who have allowed a mutual link to be placed on their site, pointing back to our site.

There are more links to come... Stop back soon.


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