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The Chenzhou Window is the official Web site of the city of Chenzhou.  It contains numerous photos and facts about the city, including many of their scenic landmarks, their natural resources, their locally manufactured products, and a great deal more!

The Chinese Woman's Olympic Volleyball Team has its training facilities located in the city of Chenzhou.  The team is composed of the following members:
Head Coach: Lang Ping, a former member of the team known as the "iron hammer"
Main Attackers: Sun Yue and Li Yan
Asst. Attackers:  Lai Yawen, Wang Yi and Wu Yongmei
Setters: Cui Yongmei, Wang Ziling and He Qi
(Information derived from the Team China Web site)

The Chenjia Railway runs from Chenzhou to Jiahe, within the Hunan Province.  This site has several thumbnail photos of the train, a map and links to stories about riding the rails in China.

The Hong Kong Railway Society visited the Chenjia line in July, a full report will follow shortly. In the mean time, here are some photos from Peter Crush capturing the flavour of this interesting line.

My Home Town... Hunan Province has a lot of great, general information about the Hunan Province, the province in which Chenzhou is located.   With information about "Population... Location... Description... History... Language... Culture... Food... Folklore and more.  It also has links to several Web sites for families who have adopted from a particular city in China... just like our Chenzhou-families Web site.

Beauty The Land of China is a great Web site for learning about the Hunan Province, as well as the other provinces in China.  Learn about Wulingyuan in northwestern Hunan, where "thousands of strange-looking peaks and wounding (sic) creeks form spectacular scenery rarely seen in other parts of the world".  See "the scenery in Zhangjiajie... characteristically described as beautiful, wild, grotesque, and refreshing".  Learn about the Suoxiyu Ridge in Chenzhou, where "tourists can have a view of naturally shaped grotesque rocks, unpredictable clouds and fog, grand waterfalls, cold springs, mirroring lakes, the mystic Underground House and Dragon Palace, and elegant relics"... and more.  (Quotes from Beauty The Land of China Web site).

Learn more about China by visiting the China For Visitors page on the Web site.  There you'll find several links where you can learn more about Chinese culture and tradition, history, language aids, maps, information on various cities, and more.

If you enjoy Chinese art, be sure to see "The Paintings of Qi Baishi" on's Chinese Culture page.  There you can view Qi Baishi's paintings of: Chicks, Ducklings, Orchids, Lotus-root and several other subjects.

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