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Changsha: The Capital city of the Hunan Province

Visa's are required for foreigners.

The nearest airport is the Huanghua Airport, located 30 km or approximately 19 miles from Changsha.

Renminbi (RMB)
Approximately RMB1 = HK$0.9297 = US$0.1197 (updated 25 Mar 1996)

Time Zone
GMT: +8  (Same Time Zone as Hong Kong)

Tourist Attractions
Aiwan Pavilion
Chancellor Li Tsang's Family Tombs (dated B.C.) Although 2100 years old, the Chancellor's wife's body is very well preserved, still containing flesh, teeth and internal organs.  An autopsy revealed she died suddenly, after a meal, at the approximate age of about 50 years old.
Hunan Exhibition Hall
Hunan Provincial First Normal SchoolA copy of Mao Zedong's school.
Hunan Provincial Museum5000 artifacts of the Han dynasty, as well as many
revolutionary items are exhibited.

Juzi (Orange) IslandAbout 5 km (3.2 miles) in length.
Laodong Renmin Stadium
Lushan Temple
Mao Zedong's House at Shaoshan - This is where the founder of
the People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong was born.  His house contains some of the original furniture that he had used. There is a museum devoted to his life and works.   Your trip from Changsha will take in much of the wonderful rural landscape en route.

Mount Hengshan
Hunan Embroidery Research InstituteYou can watch as the embroidery artists hand embroider incredibly intricate designs on selected fabrics, all without the use of any templates or even penciled-in lines!  Amazing!  These wonderful embroideries are available for purchase at the factory, and make excellent gifts for family members back home. (Follow link for more info).
Tianxin Park - Contains a section of the old city wall.
Taohuayuan - (Note: Same link as Mount Hengshan photo link)
Youth and Children's Palace
Yuelu Academy
Yuelu Hill Provides a good view of city.
Yueyang Tower

"A General Survey of Changsha" presents a general overview of some of the attractions located in the city of Changsha, along with some geographical data.

Min. 41 F  (5 C)  in January
Max. 84 F  (29 C) in July
Annual Rainfall: 107.9 inches  (2741mm)
Rainy Season: April - June
Best Season to visit: Autumn
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220 volts, 50 cycles per second

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