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Creating The Odd Numbered Action Statements
(Countdown To Showtime - Flash Tutorial)
- Page 5-

  • Now, in the odd numbered frames, 3 - 23, we will be placing slightly
    different action statements.  In these frames we will place "Go to and
    Play [ ]" action statements.
  • Each of these will point back to the frame immediately before it.
  • Example: Frame 3 says, "Go to and Play [2]".  This sets up a small loop for the animation to go through while it waits for the next scheduled frame to get done loading.  Without these loops, your movie will not display the countdown properly.
  • Re-Save your Flash movie.
  • Publish the animation, creating a new .swf file and HTML file.
  • As long as both of these files are in the same folder on your Web site, the Flash movie will play when you select the HTML page.
  • Test your movie as follows: While still in the Flash creation studio, select "Control"… "Test Scene"… "Control"… "Show Streaming"… and set it as a 56K download. This allows you to see the counters as they "load.
  • Upload your .SWF and HTML files to your favorite Web server…
  • Pull up your favorite Web browser and enjoy the fruits of your labor!
*Note: The above-mentioned movie was designed for use with this tutorial.  It is a retrospective look at many of the subjects we studied in our Internet Programming classes the past two semesters.  However... it's a rather large file size, (480KB), and you may not find it as interesting as the students for which was originally designed. So for more fun, you may rather see my CNC Lathe Flash movie (300KB), which uses a similar (yet better) Countdown To Showtime preload than that described in the tutorial... and has a cool animated CNC Lathe making a virtual machined part!

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