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Creating The Even Numbered Action Statements
(Countdown To Showtime - Flash Tutorial)
- Page 4 -

We will use "Action Statements" to control exactly when each of the countdown
frames are displayed. Our first countdown frame is located in frame number 2.

  • On the layer containing your Load Bar graphics, (even numbered
    frames), we will be creating action statements to tell the movie when to
    display the next frame.
  • The first Action Statement will be created in frame 2, telling the computer
    that after frame 134 has been loaded, display frame 4, (10% loaded)... etc.
  • Double-click frame 2.
  • When the "Frame Properties" box pops up, select the "Actions" tab.
  • Click the + sign.
  • Select the command "If Frame is Loaded [134] "
  • To the right, make sure the "Number" radio button is toggled.
  • Type in the number 134, (10% location), in the box to the right
  • Click the + sign again.
  • Select the command "Go To"
  • At the bottom of the Frame Properties box, check the "Control: Go to
    and Play" box. If the box is not checked, it will go to the frame and stop.
  • In the box to the right of the "Number" radio button, type the very next
    frame in the countdown section. In this example, you would enter frame 4.
  • Click "OK"
  • (Save often).
  • Go to the next even frame, (4) and repeat the process. As our movie will
    be 20% downloaded by frame 146, you would tell it "If Frame is Loaded
    [146]" … "Go to and Play [6]", etc., until you have completed your way
    through 100% download.
  • Note: You may find it easier to insert all of the first action statements,
    (i.e. If frame is Loaded [146]) etc., into the frames first.  Then you can go
    back though and create the next action statement in each,
  • (i.e. Go to and Play [6]) etc. Continue… in even frames through frame 22.


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