China Travel Tips & Recommendations

We asked our Chenzhou-families group of seasoned, international travelers the following questions:

*    What items would you recommend a family/individual take with them on their Trip of a Lifetime to China, to bring back their child? 
*    What packing tips would you offer? 
*    What other travel recommendation would you offer? 

Special thanks to Edie's dad, Doug, for these excellent travel tips:
Doug's Packing Tips

Here's a few more ideas...

For Your Baby

Baby Bouncy Seat:
CellophaneTape or Duct Tape: for various repair jobs
Comfort Foods: peanut butter, crackers, cookies, chocolate, gum,
Stroller: Many hotels rent them
Tissues: In small plastic packages

Photo & Video

Lead lined photo bag: Protects 35mm film from airport x-rays


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