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The "Chenzhou-families" list is a free, public forum for sharing information and discussing issues related to the city and people of Chenzhou, in the Hunan Province of the People's Republic of China. This list was initially started as a means for families who have adopted children from Chenzhou to correspond with each other.   (Chenzhou-families was Chartered 6-14-99)

As of September 1999, we have families from Canada, England, Scotland, Sweden, and the United States who have subscribed, and each family has adopted a child from the city of Chen Zhou.   However, we welcome anyone who is interested in the city of Chenzhou to join our list. 

For anyone who has an interest in learning more about the city of Chenzhou... sharing resources and information about the city, its people and its culture... and meeting other people around the world, who somehow have a personal connection to the city, the "Chenzhou-families" email list could be your personal "key to the city".

"Chenzhou-families" is a new email list, and part of the Onelist.com family of lists.  Onelist.com is an email subscription service with literally thousands of email lists you can subscribe to.  When you subscribe to a list, such as "Chenzhou-families", every time another subscribing member directs an email to the list, you will receive that email in your personal email box.  Some lists may only generate a few emails per day.  Other lists may generate a good deal more.   It all depends upon the list and the members subscribed to it.  Chenzhou-families generates approximately 5-10 emails per day.

If you would like to subscribe to the Chenzhou-families email community... follow the link at the top of this page.  If you have any difficulties getting subscribed, send an email message to: chenzhou@usaweb1.com .  Please make a notation in your message that you want to sign up for the "Chenzhou-families" email list.  Also, make sure that you provide the email account that you will want your email messages sent to, and your first name.  Listing your last name is optional.  Thanks!

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