Chenzhou Childrens' Welfare Institute
(Chenzhou Social Welfare Institute)

Roxanne's Orphanage Visit: July 1999

In July 1999, while on a work/study visit to China to learn more about their orphanage system, Roxanne (from England) made a special request to tour the Chenzhou Childrens' Welfare Institute.  It was while on that tour, that Roxanne was allowed to take the following photographs.

Chenzhou Families would like to offer special thanks (xie xie) to Dr. Zhang and the orphanage staff for allowing these photos to be taken.  Thanks also to Jasmine's Mom, Roxanne, for allowing us to share these treasures with all the world on our Web site.

Photo of one of the orphanage entrances

Beyond these stairs is a green gate and
one of the entrances to the orphanage.

Photo of children at top of stairs

Past the green gate, several children
awaited Roxanne's visit at the top of the stairs.

Photo of the children's playroom

The children's playroom located on
the 2nd floor, left side of the building.

Photo of Roxanne and the orphanage children

Roxanne amuses the children
with everyone's favorite... bubbles!

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