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The Rockford Tooling & Machining Association
- and -
Rock Valley College
("Apprenticeship Alliance")

The Rockford Tooling & Machining Association and Rock Valley College, located in Rockford, Illinois, have formed a mutually beneficial relationship; something I call "The Apprenticeship Alliance".
The Rockford Tooling & Machining Association is authorized by the National Tooling & Machining Association to grant and certify the status of "Journeyman", in the trades of "Precision Machinist" and "Tool & Die Machinist". (1999 addition: "CNC Machine Operator").
Rock Valley College has been sub-contracted by the RTMA to teach the technical and academic classes required of the Apprentices throughout their four year apprenticeship.  As a "Professional Student", (B.S. Marketing, Illinois State University), and a graduate of the RTMA Precision Machinist Apprenticeship, I can personally vouch for the technical excellence of Rock Valley College's incredible technical facilities and the excellence of their instructors.
The Technology Center at Rock Valley College is an incredible resource for the city of Rockford and the northern Illinois area.  In addition to housing nearly 200 brand new Gateway PC's, (the majority of which are readily available to all Tech students), the "Tech Center" has it's own professional Metrology Laboratory, (for the study of measurement), as well as it's own CNC Manufacturing Learning Center, dubbed the Illinois Manufacturing Center (IMC).  
The IMC boasts three brand new Haas HL-1 CNC Lathes, three brand new Haas VF-E CNC Mills, and three Rhino CNC Training Lathes!  Thus, not only is a student taught all the academic theories behind the use of these awesome machines, they receive actual hands-on training, right here, in house! * To learn more about the RTMA / RVC Apprenticeships, follow the links below.

Learn More About These Programs!
See RVC's Illinois Manufacturing Center
Required Classes: Precision Machinist Apprenticeship
Required Classes: Tool & Die Apprenticeship
Elective Classes: Precision Machinist, Tool & Die
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