Chen Zhou City Children's Welfare Institute
- April 19, 1998 -

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Two workers and 10 little babies.
Orphanage workers line up ten babies
on the terrace to get some sunshine.

One of the babies getting some personal attention.
Although there are many babies at the orphanage,
they are given lots of individual attention.

Ten babies aligned in a row, in bamboo chairs.
Let's take a closer look at some of those darling faces.
Photo of the babies from the opposite direction.
Surely... one day "Chenzhou-families" will receive
an email from the excited mother of one of these cuties.

A close-up of six of the babies.
Wow... are these babies adorable or what!
Don't you just want to give them a big hug?

A photo of two green baby cribs... and one has a baby in it.
These are the cribs our daughters and
sons slept in while living at the institute.
Special thanks to Thea Chen's Mother, Ingun, from Norway for contributing these photos to our "Chenzhou-families Web Site".
Xie xie, Ingun.

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